Everyday Pecan Toffee

From Joan (Austin) Thomas


Several weeks ago, I joined four of my high school girlfriends for a short trip to visit our friend, Joan, in Scottsdale who is the best tour guide I’ve ever seen. Let me tell you, these ladies know the true meaning of “shop till you drop!” And, between the shopping, we ate and walked and ate more. One of the many nibbles around Joan’s kitchen was this yummy pecan toffee she keeps in a jar for handy snacking for husband, Jack - she says this is his favorite and we can see why. It’s got great flavor and easy to make. Joan says she stores it in the fridge and freezes some for later use.


     1-1/2    cups Brown Sugar

     1-1/2    cups Butter

     4          Hershey Chocolate Bars (about 6 ounces total)

     2          cups Pecans (plain or toasted), broken


Butter a large lipped cookie sheet. Spread broken pecans evenly over cookie sheet.


In a deep sauce pan, cook brown sugar and butter until a candy thermometer reaches 290 to 300 degrees. Quickly spread over the pecans. Allow to sit for a minute or two.


Sprinkle broken chocolate over hot candy - let it sit for a minute until it begins to melt and start spreading to cover candy.


Place in refrigerator. When set, break into small pieces and store in refrigerator in baggie or air-tight jar or container.


Published Apr 18, 2006

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