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 This next chili recipe is from an old high school classmate and friend of mine. Several weeks ago, he and his wife, Emily (Brogdon) (also a classmate) instigated a push and set up a roster for a class reunion for next summer. The roster had some e-mail addresses. So, he e-mailed me per chance, asking if I was “the Sherry Fausett?” I immediately e-mailed back. Thus, communication has been established and food being a natural topic of discussion brought about me asking if he had any specialties. He said he’d send me his special chili recipe, a spicy, colorful chili that is always asked for by friends. Phil said “It’s my recipe, but I named it for Emily because all the teachers went crazy over it at her school.” If you like spicy, you’ll love this one.


     1          pound Tender Beef and/or Pork Steak (Rib-eye, Strip, T-Bone, etc.)

     2          pounds Lean Ground Hamburger

     1          Large Red, Yellow or White Onion (may substitute smaller

                 Red, Yellow and White Onions)

     2          2-pound envelopes Chili Seasoning (Williams)

     1          303 can Black Beans (15 to 15.5 ounces)

     1          303 can Chili (Kidney) Beans (15 to 15.5 ounces)

     1          303 can Piquito Beans or small white beans (15 to 15.5 ounces)

     3          303 cans Stewed Tomatoes (may substitute 3 cans of Mexican

                 Stewed Tomatoes or 4 cans of Rotel Tomatoes & Green Chiles)

     1/2       Red Bell Pepper, diced

     1/2       Yellow Bell Pepper, diced

     2          Dried red chili peppers

                 Jalapeno Peppers (optional)

                Green Chili Peppers (optional)

                Chopped Cilantro (optional)


Cut the steak into 1/2-inch pieces (or into small slices) and brown the pieces in a large stockpot. When the steak starts to brown (I used ribeye), add the hamburger and simmer until all meat is browned. Season with salt and pepper (to taste) while browning. Chop the onion into (roughly) 1/2-inch pieces (used 1 small purple and 1 small yellow). Saute the onion. Pour any grease off of the meat. Add diced yellow and red bell peppers. In a blender or food processor, combine at least 1-can of the stewed tomatoes with the 2-packets of chili seasoning and puree tomatoes. (I also added a large fresh, pealed tomato) (Puree all the tomatoes if you don’t like large pieces of tomato) Add to the meat mixture with the other can of stewed tomatoes and 1-can of Rotel. Add beans and chili peppers, stir well.


Cover and cook over low heat for approximately one hour, stirring occasionally. Garnish and serve with cilantro, jalapeno or green chili peppers to suit taste; raw green onions and/or onion straws, grated cheddar cheese, sour cream, crackers or cornbread.


This recipe will satisfy eight to ten big appetites.


(I will also suggest that if you do not like beans in your chili, this recipe is great with or without the beans)


Phil suggests the following:

     1.     You can’t use enough meat – good chili should be thick and meaty!

     2.     For dryer, meatier chili, pour the juice off each can of beans before adding the beans

             to the pot.


NOTE: Phil said "Emily and I made a crockpot full of Emily's Chili on Sunday...it was the best we've ever made. This time I tried something a little different and I think it worked superbly.  I put all the different beans (except the chili beans) in a colander and washed all the "canned" juice off of them before I added them to the crockpot. (1/8/07) 


Published Sept 19, 2000

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