Alamo Plaza’s House Dressing and Fried Chicken

From Rebecca Davis


Rebecca Davis asked “has anyone ever eaten at the Alamo Plaza restaurant on or about 44th and South Robinson in Oklahoma City? The building was like a big white house with a medium blue roof and it served really moist and tender fried chicken and even had real finger bowls. Both my grandmothers lived in Capital Hill so we liked to go there to eat.


“Several years ago Melba in the Daily Oklahoman printed the recipe for Alamo Plaza’s House Dressing and the secret to the moistness and tenderness of the chicken; it was buttermilk. The owner's sister sent it to Melba. They soaked the chicken in buttermilk before they dredged it in flour.


“The following is the recipe for their house dressing which is basically a homemade mayonnaise with selected spices.”


     1          Egg

     2          cups Cooking Oil

     1/3       cup plus 3 tablespoons Buttermilk

     3/4       teaspoon Salt

     3/4       teaspoon Garlic Powder

     1          teaspoon Dry Mustard

     3/4       teaspoon Paprika

     up to 2     tablespoons Fresh Lemon Juice


As always with mayonnaise, beat egg - then very slowly and constantly beat in cooking oil to make emulsion. Stir in buttermilk, seasonings and lemon juice to taste.


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