Homemade Orange Julius

From Wayne Wallace and Mary  (Dakil) Rounkles


Remember the smooth refreshing taste of an Orange Julius? Well, here are several folks who have experimented and have come up with recipes as close as you can get to that old treat we remember from years gone by.


Wayne says the secret to an Orange Julius is powdered egg whites. In a blender, combine the following:

Fresh squeezed orange juice, simple syrup*, powdered egg whites, and ice.

* Simple syrup is merely an equal mix of sugar to water.


Mary Jo Dakil makes her Orange Julius using the following ingredients:


     1          6-ounce can Orange Juice Concentrate

     1/2       can Water

     1/2       can Milk

     1/2       cup Sugar

     1          teaspoon Vanilla



Combine all of the above ingredients in a blender, blending to a slushy consistency.


Published Jun 19, 2001

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