Sister's Never-Fail Hot Toddy

From Sister Claire (Terrye Newkirk), OSB


What with all the nasty germs floating around right now, there’s little chance any of us will escape either a bout of flu or a cold - some of us lucky ones, both. Friend, Sister Claire, tells us an old home remedy she recommends is a soothing hot toddy before bed.


Sister Claire says “Take at bedtime when you have a cold or flu. Soothes the throat, opens the head, kills germs and helps you sleep.”


     1          ounce bourbon or brandy

                 Juice of 1/4 lemon

     1 or 2   tablespoons honey

     1          cup boiling water


Place honey in bottom of a heavy mug. Squeeze lemon into mug and drop in lemon wedge. Add spirits. Fill the mug with boiling water and stir. Inhale vapors until the drink is cool enough to swallow, then sip it down while still warm.


NOTE: Sister Claire also says to “ try adding chopped garlic and Tabasco to chicken soup. That which does not kill us makes us strong!” Stay Well.............


Published Mar 1, 2005

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