Senior Class Prophecy –1964


Paul Robert Adams

Wine and women on his mind,

Paul Adams will someday have his own grape vines.


Beverly June Afinowicz

Beverly Afinowicz on her wedding day will jump with joy

To have got a new name and also a boy.


Elaine Karen Allen

Elaine Allen soon will be a wife,

And live an extremely happy life.


Judith Ann (Judy) Allen

Judy Allen will know what is going on;

In magazines her column will be found.

She'll watch the romances and see them rise

Surely there'll be nothing that she will surmise.


Sammy David Allen

With the girls he'll never be shy,

For that Sammy Allen is quite a .guy.


Sherry Elaine Allen

Some people think that it's a myth,

But we guarantee that Sherry Allen will end up in Fort Smith.


Richard C. (Rick) Almack

Rick Almack is always driving a car;

So" you see" he’ll probably go far.

In the future, watch T.V.

You '11 see him win the Grand Prix.


Barbara Jo (Ray) Anderson

If she keeps on playing that instrument,

Barbara Anderson will soon find her lifelong gent.


Rita Kay Anneler

A nurse in white will be her fate--

Rita Anneler will be first rate.


Julie Ann Armstrong

A future nurse, that's our Julie Armstrong;

She'll probably diagnose everything wrong.


Joan C. Austin

Joan Austin, a lovely teacher she'll be,

With students running to sit on her knee.


Alan James Bahan

Doctor, lawyer, merchant chief,

Alan Bahan will be the thief.


Larry Bailey

What will happen to Larry Bailey I who thinks he’s Mister Swift ,

When he finds out that he is not a woman’s gift?


Beverly Louise Barber

Beverly Barber will reach a goal--

She'll be a barber with a red and white pole .


Michaelyn Kay Barker

Being smart is no great chore;

Michaelyn Barker will always score.


Richard Lynn Barker

A wrestler is Richard Barker;

Will he also become a parker?

Richard Barker is a wrestler fast;

He will be famous if he can last.


Judith Anna (Judy) Barkett

In college, Judy Barkett will sing simply great;

But in psychology this year she just didn't rate.


James William (Jim) Barnard

Some like ‘em smart, some like 'em dumb;

But Jimmy Barnard won't sit and twiddle his thumbs.


Sandra Louise Bartlowe

The red-headed bomb is what they'll be dreaming;

It’s Sandy Bartlowe who'll send the boys screaming.


Steven Michael (Steve) Batten

Steve Batten's size and pounds so few--

Being a jockey is in store for you.


Melody Ann Bennett

An announcer is what Melody Bennett will be

But. should we listen to radio or watch TV?


Venita Mae Bettinger

Venita Bettinger will be the editor of a few lines;

Some people call it the New York Times.


Linda Gayle Bickford

Linda Bickford will own a car that's heavy,

And change her name to Linda Bickerbevy.


Ernest L. Bierman

Ernie Bierman has a nautical gift;

He picks up boats right and left.

We're sure he's bound to be a sailor

If he ever gets away from the jailer.


Barbara Bishop

Barbara Bishop, so sweet and fair,

Of worries she doesn't care;

And in the end she'll get her guy

When everyone else is about to die.


John Thomas Bookout

John Bookout-a student so serious and bright;

He'll become a man who is always right.


Jane Lynne Bowerman

Jane Boweman is on the yearbook, you know;

And this year she's made quite a nice show.

In the future she might plan to be

A teacher just like our own Mrs. B.


Jane Ellen Boxberger

Jane Boxberger will own a clothing store

And sell the clothes she just once wore.


Bonnie Ruth Bradshaw

Bonnie Bradshaw, quiet and sweet ,

Her cooking and sewing are really neat ;

We're sure she'll make a wife that can't be beat.


Becky Ann Brawley

Becky Brawley will be found in Paris

In a sidewalk cafe or in front of a terrace ;

She'll be a guide whose really witty

You know anything can happen in that city


Christopher L. (Chris) Bricmont

In a circus or at a fair

We'll see the brave Chris Bricmont there;

The knife thrower's target she'll soon be

Because the knives she’ll never see.


Emily Jo Brogden

Emily Brogden will be dressed in white ;

She'll be a nurse with a radiant light.


Eric Douglas (Ric) Brown

Rick Brown will be a singer

With voice as golden

If he can stay sober

And off the Student Union sofas.


Sherry Lyn Brown

We look into the future

And who do we see?

Sherry Brown drinking tea

In high society.


Martha Kay Burton

Martha Burton’s name need not change

For she'll marry Richard Burton and live on a range.


Dianne Lorraine Busch

Diane Busch has all the keys;

She'll be the first girl on the New York Yankees.


Judith Kay (Judy) Caldwell

Judith Kay Caldwell, a Thespian grand;

Will win fame and fortune in ev'ry land.


Jim Randolph (Randolph) Call

As he walks down the hall, satchel in hand,

Randolph Call has the look of a business man.

Years from now, we'll see him around,

His freckles gone and his satchel brown.


Janice Fayre Cannon

Jan Cannon may be but a fisherman's wife,

But one thing is sure--she'll get a bang out of life.


Keith Vaughn Carlton

Keith Carlton, who always in cars we see,

Someday a shade-tree mechanic will be.


Michael Edward (Mike) Carmichael

Michael Carmichael,

It is my indecision,

Will go not too far

Without more ambition.


Jeanette Carmony

Jeanette and her guy will strive for harmony

Because her last name is, coincidentally, Carmony .


Clay Robert Carroll

Clay R. Carroll

Poked his eye,

And now through life

He'll go a rye.


Dewayne Leon (Red) Carruth

De Wayne Carruth ,

To tell the truth,

Has drowned his future

In fifths of vermouth.


Victoria Faye (Vicki) Caudill

Vicki Caudill, a vision to behold,

Will have her fun before she grows old.


David L. Chace

David Chace, like Alfred E. Newman,

Will lose the race. Which race? ..Human!


Linda Jean Chapin

Cute Linda Faye Chapin always will be

A vision of peace and tranquility.


William Floyd (Bill) Chaple, Jr.

William F. Chaple’s future is grim,

Pulling out staples for I. B. M.


Gilbert Mike (Mike) Charleston

Mike Charleston, a right nice fellow to know

Will chase the bad guys on the late, late show.


Janet Lea Chase

Janet Chase will someday find

A boy with whom she may dine.


Carole Marie Choate

Carole Choate, for whose ambitions we all should fear,

Will be, not a physicist, but a train engineer.


Stanley (Stan) Christian, Jr.

Stan Christian will accept a dare;

Walk in a cage and wrestle a bear.

If out he gets from the lions den,

Stanley Christian will save us all from sin?


Carter Blue (Blue) Clark

We will see Blue Clark, a real MG man,

Stalled in the desert, looking for a fan.

Marcia Joan Clark


In many sports we fared real well,

As Marcia Clark will gladly tell.


Thomas Jay Cloud

Tommy Cloud

Will soon be plowed

Under--by thunder


James Price (Jim) Cobb

As a P. R. man, James P. Cobb

Will go far and be a nabob.


Suzanne (Susan) Coburn

Susan Coburn in her white car

Will drive into a pit of tar .


Robert Harold Coffey, Jr.

Coffey thinks he’s quite a brew,

And when they've finally canned him,

Then maybe we can stand him

If only for an instant or two


Jennifer Rae Coil

Of sweet, sweet Jennifer, Northwest is proud;

Better than most she stands high in a crowd.

Down at 0.U. she'll go far without toil

She's done well here 'cause she's such a nice Coil.


John Markham (Mark) Collins

Mark Collins, years from now,

Will be the ox behind the plow.


Robert Allen (Bob) Compton

Bob Compton will go to the show ,

Without his glasses and step on your toe.

Bob A. Compton

Won't be wonton;

An executive he'll be

With the Fuller company.


Norma Jean Conaway

Norma Conaway, a nurse dressed in white,

Will choke her patients with pills twice each night.

Through with Northwest after four years of schooling

Norma's going back, and that's no fooling;

Heading off to college to learn to be a teacher

You’d think she'd had enough of those witty creatures.


Philip Neil (Phil) Cooksey

Come take a look-see

There goes a Phil Cooksey

Who wins elections

Like malignant infections.


Burl Hampton (Rocky) Cooper

Burl H. Cooper, whom we call "Rocky",

Will build a car that won't be knocky.


Brooke Cotter

Many people tell of great goals in life;

They face long years of struggle and strife ;

But none has worked harder to reach his aim.

Than Our Miss Brooke to change her name.


James William Cox

James W. Cox

Will get a box

Of ticky tacky. ? .Ohl

I really don't know.


Kenneth Paul (Ken) Craig, Jr.

Kenneth P. Craig

Will own his own still

Or go broke a buy'n

Beers for to cry in.


Phillip Mark (Mark) Creekmore

For Mark Creekmore, we are sad to relate ,

Will probably end up as a Latin cognate.


Sandra Crumpler

Sandra Crumplar

(I see it well, Ohl)

Will end up marry'n

A gigantic Jell-O.


John E. Culbertson

John Culbertson is quite a guy.

Just get around him and you'll know why.

In some fields he'll out-do another,

And many of the boys will call him "brother. "


William Lowell (Bill) Curtis

Bill Curtis--tall, slender, suave, and reserved--

Will snow all the girls with that same old line.


Jean Ann Daiker

Jean Ann Daiker will have an interest in stars

Or, more like~ than that, chase science seminars.


Carolyn Jean Daley

Carolyn Daley will travel life’s rosy path,

Getting a husband by doing his math.


Linda Jean Dane

A year in psychology sat Linda Dane;

I wonder how she kept from going insane.


Peggy Ann Daniels

Making her living we will see Peggy Daniels

Caring for lost cats and stray cocker spaniels.


Darlene Janell Davis

Little Miss Davis- her first name is Darlene-

Will wind up pushing buttons on a washing machine.


Rebecca Louise Davis

Rebecca Davis will soon write a book

Called How To Succeed On A Real Sexy Look.


Claudia Leslie Dawkins

Claudia Dawkins will be a great name,

Written in lights in the gold hall of fame;

But one fateful night and one broken zipper

Will end her career as a world-famous stripper.


Mary Lee DesChamps

An artist Mary DesChamps may be;

We will just have to wait and see.


Charles David (Charle) Deutsch

Charles Deutsch -a lifeguard could be

If parliamentary procedure were drowning in the sea.


Rose Alice DeWolfe

Rose DeWolfe is so nice and sweet

That a husband she will surely meet.


Judith Anne (Judy) Dorney

Dorney and Jack will marry someday

They'll see the world in his blue Sting-ray.


Clydellan Elizabeth Duffy

Clydellen Duffy will marry a good dancer;

On the dance floor there'll be none fancier.


Donald Lee Duncan

When Don Duncan ages,

He'll put animals in cages.


Margaret Ann Duncan

Magaret Duncan -through life she passes

Looking at the world with her long thin glasses.


Gary Tipton Dupree

What will Gary DuPree do for a car

When from his mother he travels afar?


John E. Durrett, Jr.

John Durrett a comedian will be;

You can watch him each week on NBC


Robert Allen (Allen) Eaker

Although Allen Eaker is not too tall,

He's very talented with a ball;

Because of this skill he will be

A dance instructor for Arthur Murray.


Rev. Michael Francis (Mike) Eishen

Mike Eischen a physics professor will be,

Teaching the kids what he learned at NWC.


Paul Matthew Elledge

A jail-keeper Paul Elledge won't be;

He's had enough of that lock and key.


Clair DeWayne (DeWayne) Elliott

Dewayne Elliot knows about engines and cars;

He may even design the first space ship to Mars.


Jimmie Lynn (Jim) Elliott

Jimmie Lynn Elliot will marry in Rome,

And live in a giant-sized castle-type home.

All this might seem not to be very funny,

But who's got to laugh when he has lots of money.


Ronald Gene (Ronnie) Encapera

Ronald Encapers will go very far,

Starting out tending the Riverside Bar;

Soon he'll invent a new kind of gin,

And end up an inmate in some federal pen.


Jan Epperson

To be a mural painter

Would be a phenomenon,

But Jan Epperson will do it

For the U.S. Pentagon.


John Walter Ewing

Sewing dresses by Dior

Is what Janet Jones is hoping for.


James Edward (Jim) Fabian

James Edward Fabian a life guard will be,

Will live on the beach of warm Miami.

All the pretty, young girls he will see

And save just the ones in a small bikini.


Stephen Sammy (Steve) Farha

A place for Steve Farha in life will be

Leading a band we all can see


Sherry Gayle Fausett

An artist will not be Sherry Fausett's fate

Because it's flirting, not painting, that will get her a date.


Larry Don Fishel

Larry Fishel, who never learned to bop,

Will hang out at the Delta and be a cop.


Kathleen Karen (Kathy) Fisher

Kathy Fisher will probably be

The happiest person in O.K.C.


Carol Ann Fonvielle

They say a winner ice-skater she'll be,

But will Carol Fonvielle break the ice? -we'll see!


James Bernard Forshay

The king of the-business world, James Forshay,

While the sun. shines, will surely make lots of hay;

A genius on wall street, in stocks. he’ll dab,

And drive to work in a gold taxi cab.


James Robert (Jim) Fowler

To use his speed, Jim Fowler will be

A pony express rider for NBC.


Stephanie E. Franklin

Stephanie Franklin is making it clear

That she’ll have a husband this time next year.


Arthur Lee Franks

Arthur Franks is very shy and quiet,

But he'll wind up in jail for inciting a riot.


Judy Ann Friend

Judy Friend will certainly not stop

Till she’s proprietor of a beauty shop.


Donna Lee (Donna) Fryer

Donna Fryer is sure to be

The mother of not less than three.


Michael Wayne Fulton

Mike Fulton will take up the Bible

When Peyton Place gets droll;

He'll organize a great big revival

To save some poor helpless soul


Gerald Gene (Roddy) Gaddy

With a name like Roddy Gaddy

What else could one be but a daddy?


Dennis Terry Gagliardi

Dennis Galiardi will travel afar;

He will see the world from inside a bar.


Lonnie Jarrell Gamble

Roulette wheels will lead Lonnie Gamble astray,

And he will have a mighty price to pay.


John Carlton (Johnny) Gatlin

With a sharp tongue and very quick mind,

John Gatlin will be a success in all that he finds.


Sally Lou Gesford

There was a Gesford whose name was Sal,

And to all she's still a real pal.


Ann Louise Gibbs

As I looked into the future, a couple of years from today

Saw little Annie Gibbs, a famous star on Broadway.


Suzanne Kay Gilbert

Into the future with a fling,

We see Suzanne Gilbert linked with Rusty King.


Catherine Carol (Carol) Gillian

Carol Gillan will make a good wife,

And keep Stan happy the rest of his life.


Jon Ralph (Jack) Givens

Jack Givens is very bright;

He’ s never wrong but always right.

With his talent he will be

A very good representative of NWC.


Ricardo Alfredo Gonzalez

Imported from Cuba, Richard Gonzalez came;

And not one student will forget his name


Elaine Mae Gordon

Although Elaine Gordon is seeming quiet,

Her future life could be a real riot.


Bob (Bobby) Graham

Bob Graham will be a cop;

Traffic violators he will stop.


Gary Chris (Chris) Graham

A contract with Disney will find Chris Graham

Sketching Donald Duck, Goofy, and Jackie's Little Lambs


Sarah Beth (Sally) Green

Sally Green will soon make a name

As a bossy hunter of two legged game.


Mararet Sharon (Sharon) Green

Sharon Green can't imagine a better career

Than to be a good wife with Joe very near .


Patrick Clay (Pat) Greer

Pat Greer knows about women, song, and wine:

He will always feed those OSU girls a line.


Rudolph Irvune (Rig / Rudy) Greer, Jr.

With his very good grades

And his stomach for beer,

An educated bartender

We will find Rig Greer .


David Alan Griffy

David Griffy's teeth are sweet.

He will staple paper neat.


Robert Coy Grimmett

Rob Grimmett is real neat, but rather dumb,

He'll end up collecting cigar butts like a bum.


James (Jim) Haas

Jim Haas is stout and strong;

That big hoss will never go wrong.


Linda Kay Haley

After Linda. Haley and Northwest part ,

She'll be the queen of Paul's heart .


Alyson Ann Hall

Alyson Hall has a dream

She wants to be a rancher's Queen.


Kathy Haney

Kathy Haney will really rate

With all the guys in our fine state.


John Malcolm (Malcom) Haney

Malcolm Haney might make a great pro,

But there's one thing he must know:

Not too much money can he make

If too many practice swings he has to take .


Mary Melinda (Melinda) Hanraty

To Melinda Hanraty you had better be kind:

Same day your child in her kindergarten you may find.


Carol Francis Hansen

Carol Hansen really rates;

A successful life will be her fate.


Judtih Lynne (Lynne) Hardin

With Lynn Hardin

Anything can happen.


Jaynee Annette (Annette) Harms

Can you imagine Annette Harms to be

Mother Superior in a nunnery?


Janet Sue Harris

Drawing dresses for Dior

Is what Jan Harriss is hoping for.


Dr. Kristin Lee (Kris) Harry

Our Chris Harry is very .active, indeed;

Because of this, we think she'll succeed.


Ralston Shane Harry

Through rain and snow, mail he'll carry;

That’s our prophecy for Ralston Harry.


Melany Anne Hay

Of course we can't forget Melany Hay;

If she keeps up her drawing, she might earn some pay.


James Robinson (Jim) Hays

Jim Hays, Since you came to old N.W.

Everyone has said you are the very best.

Your athletic talents all can see,

A professional player you will surely be.


Rex Alden Hefley

Rex Hefley, four high school years you have been through.

With honors many and bad grades few.

If you keep your present rate,

A prosperous future will be your fate.


Cheryl Sue Hendren

Roses are red, violets are blue /

I wish I knew something about Cheryl Hendren, too.


Elizabeth Ellen (Liz) Hess

Liz Hess, with all her money and charm,

Will probably be a banker and live on a farm.


Arthur Bill (Art) Hestwood

Art Hestwood, when high school days come to an end,

You'll say good-by with quite a grin.

No matter what you do or where you tread

You'll always manage to stay ahead.


Darla Jo Hicks

Darla Jo Hicks will be in a fix

If she keeps catching beaus with her feminine tricks.


Linda Carol Hill

Charming Linda Hill, we believe,

Will have nothing about which to grieve.


Max Anna Hindes

Max Anna Hindes will not get married much sooner

'Cause she's still going with that same 01' junior.


Alice Ann Hiniker

Alice Hiniker is quite a worker indeed;

She's always doing someone a good deed.


Richard James Hinkle

Dick Hinkle, work or play or what ever you do,

You'll always be liked by quite a few.

Keep on striving and 'you will see

A life that’s full of victory.


Charles Francis Hinson

Charles Hinson, with twelve years behind you,

Your life straight ahead

You'll make a hit wherever you tread.


Nina Carole Hinton

Nina Hinton, we'll say,

Will always be happy, every day.


Carole Sue Hitchins

Carole Sue Hitchens--we shall be formal--

Is the kind of a gal who will never be dull.


Boonie H.Hite

Our Boonie Hite will lie o'er the ocean,

Our Boonie will lie o'er the sea;

But just how she'll get there

Beats the tar out of me!


Jay Hubert Hoberecht

Jay Hobercht, the eightball sees your future in sight;

With honors galore, and in the spotlight


Robert Eugene (Bobby) Hobson

Bobby Hobson, has quite a fortune.

The world will give his quite a portion.

He will soon go to college

To gain some knowledge


Roger Hodge

Roger Hodge, when graduation time soon nears,

You are one that has no fears.

When all have gone their separate ways

You'll be one who won't waste his days.


Larry M. Hodgson

Larry Hodgson from Texas to O.C. you came.

In quite a short time you gained much fame.

When you depart from our N.W.

You will always rate as the very best.


Diane Lynn Hogan

Dianne Hogen Holsey, we're here to relate

Will never have t o worry about a date .


Dona K. Hollingsworth

Donna Hollingsworth can draw pretty well,

So we think things for her will probably jell.


Linda Jean Holloway

Miss Connie Homsey's in store for a long happy life

Cause she swore and she swore she'd be a good wife.

Linda Hollaway has a future bright

'Cause she will always stay in where it's light.


William Ridgeway (Ridge) Hooks

Ridge Hooks, your personality will carry you far;

Though acting will not bring you fame.

You'll find your fortune behind a bar

In the zoo's monkey cage, untamed.


Patricia Ann (Patti) Hopkins

Patti Hopkins is one we'll watch;

"Cause we’re not sure who she'll "catch".


Sheridan Ann (Sherrie) Hopkins

Now Sherry Hopkins has a future so hazy

If we told you the facts, you'd think we were crazy.


Bruce Richard Hoster

Bruce Hoster, you were on crutches your senior year,

It slowed your car racing down.

You'll find your fortune in guzzling beer

And escorting ladies around town.


Marsha Lynn House

After reading the plans of Miss Marsha House,

We're not saying a thing, just being quiet as a mouse.


Gary Edward Howard

A little guy is Gary Howard

But soon college will set him free,

He'll eat his spinach and grow to a man,

A bouncer at Gino's he'll be.


Charles Britton (C.B.) Hudson

C.B. Hudson's hot temper will not slow him down,

It will prove an asset most grand.

He'll be found in a circus or carnival town

A flame eater, best in the land.


Laird Spence Hull

Laird Hull, you driving ability may not be so hot,

But at N.W. you really hit the spot.

No matter where you attend school next year,

You’ll be a success just like you were here.


Kent Jack Humphreys

Kent Humphreys is quite a scholar,

He's proven his brains are all there.

A stunt-man's his fortune; for movie fame

He'll be taking many a dare.


Linda Jo Hunter

Linda Hunter's fate, we're here to relate

Will be exchanging a date for a good looking mate.


Johnny Edward Hyde

Johnny Hyde is quite a guy, a lot of him there is;

But he'll go on a diet, and to his dismay,

Him as a circus skinny man you’ll see


Nancy Jane Jack

Nancy Jack, what is her fate?

Everything she does is great.


Linda Lou James

Our Linda James is sharp you can see;

With a11 her talent, a wrestler she'll be.


Carol Ann Johnson

Carol Johnson is sure to be

The mother of at least three.


Jane Alexander Johnson

There is a Johnson we call Queen Jane;

Her sweetness will always remain the same.


Mary Lou Johnson

Mary Johnson can't imagine a better career

Than to be a good wife with John so near.


Linda Carol Jones

Linda Jones will one day be

The wife of a boy we know as Terry.


Margaret Louise (Louise) Jones

Louise Jones will make a good wife

And keep a man happy for the rest of his life.


Nanette Jordan

Nanette Jordan the boys will pursue

When she hits the campus at OSU.


Shelia Ann Jordan

Sheila Jordan will soon show,

That she can be as good as Van Gogh.


Judy Carolyn Just

Judy Just is a mighty neat packet;

In the future she'll make tennis rackets.


Annabelle Jane Keen

For Ann Keene the future wi1J. bring

A teaching career--most rewarding.


Gail Michele Kelly

Happy Gail Kelly with her charming sense of humor

Will make good friends with even Mr. Bruner.


Kathryn Sue (Kathy) Kendall

To Kathy Kendall we wish luck with her rewarding Great Plan;

Here's hoping it won't interfere with her catching a man


Jimmie Lee Kennard

We can tell why Jimmie Kennard has that starry-eyed look.

We know her home will be well decorated, but the thing is -can she cook?


Anita Lynn (Lynn) Ketchum

To O.S.U. we send merry Lynn Ketcham

Where she hopes to become an outstanding dietician.


Pamela Jean (Pam) Knox

To Pam Knox Wolf we wish luck in her new homemaking career;

We'd just like to say that it's nice having you, again, here.


Judith Janell (Judy) Koelsch

To Judy Koelsch, whose high school days are through,

We're hoping that your future will never be blue.


Diane Kathryn Koonce

We'll always remember Diane Koonce's voice;

We're sure vocal music will be her choice.


Kathleen C. Kopacka

Even though Kathy Kopacka is tiny and shy,

We're still certain that she'll catch her guy.


Ruth Kurlander

Test tubes and bubbling brew are familiar to Ruth Kurlender;

We’re sure with this background science will be demanding her.


Jennifer Jean Lamb

Long hours spent working on our yearbook, the Round Table,

Have made Jennifer Lamb for anything quite able.


Sharon Dianne Lane

We know that Sharon Lane with her lovely red hair

Will be a success anywhere.


Billie Jane (Jane) Lawson

Whether she chooses nursing or psychology

We know Jane Lawson won't ever be caught up a tree.


Pemela Susan (Pam) Ledden

We can see Pam Ledden teaching in some friendly school

Little children, how to live by the Golden Rule.


Virginia Ann Lee

O.S.U. will gladly welcome pretty Virginia Lee.

We wish her success in whatever she wants to be.


Susan Lehr

As Susan Ellen Lehr's high school days come to a finish,

We hope that her memories of Northwest will never diminish.


Ann Lents

To Ann Lents’ future boss we wish health and thrills,

'Cause to keep up with her, he'll need vitamin pills.


Katherine Louise MacKenzie

Katherine MacKenzie, who tooted the flute

Soon will be teaching new flutters to toot.


Marcia Kaye MacTaggert

Marcia MacTaggart will have no choice

But be amazed at the loss of her voice;

Her friends will find her to be quite drab

When she has lost her gift of gab.


Cherlyn Anne Madden

To Cherlyn Madden you.had better be kind;

Some day your child in her class you might find


Marcia Lynn Maddox

In a uniform blue, Marcia Maddox is dressed;

As an airline stewardess she's headed west


Gerl Backer (Gerry) Maguire

Gerry Maguire, with his traveling ways,

Will hitchhike 'round the world in 80 days .


Toni Mahaney

Toni Mahaney's real good lookin';

We know for sure she'll have somethin' cookin'.


Edward Alan Makler

Ed Makler will be

"Furer" of the Nazi Party.


Janet Sue Malone

Janet Malone will someday be

A secretary back at N. W. C.


Sandra Jo Malone

All that Sandra Malone wants now,

All she hopes to be

Is the wife of a boy we know

By the name of Allen E.


Jackie Sue Maloney

Jackie Maloney will soon be disgusted,

For a spending spree will leave her flat busted.


Mary Ruth Mangum

Mary Ruth Mangum will seek fortune and fame

Before she adds a Mrs. to her name.


Linda Marie Manlove

Maybe a seamstress in a factory

is what Linda Manlove will yearn to be .


Susan Jo Mann

The spotlight will shine on Susan Mann

As a ceramist she'll make more famous her clan.


Carolyn Marrs

Into the WAC will go Carolyn Marrs;

She'll climb to the top and wear four stars.


John Kelly Marsh

In track John Marsh will seek his fame,

But have more fun at a different game.


Gerald David (David) Marshall

Robert Gage Marshall

The Marshall Brothers, Bob and Dave,

Will cause their friends to shout and rave;

They'll be the life of every party

With imitations of Laurel and Hardy.


Ruth Ann Martindale

Like all the rest is Ruth Martindale;

She'll go down the aisle complete with a veil


Earl Raymond Massey, Jr.

Massey is great with a 22 gun:

Hits 6 out of 6 quail without missing one.


Harley George Matthews

Harley Mathews is a handsome lad;

He'll land a fine job when he’s a grad.


John Gerald (Gerry) Maupin

Although Gerry Maupin is seemingly quiet,

His future life could be a real riot.


James Forrest (Frosty) Mayfield

In the coming years Frosty Mayfield

Will change his name to Holden Caufield.


Peggy Louise Mayfield

Into business Peggy Mayfield will go,

Just typing with her little toe.


Cheryl Ann McBride

Cheryl McBride will be the girl

To give the business world a whirl.


Michael Allen (Mike) McCarty

Since Mike McCarty has learned to smoke,

His Dad’s company will soon go broke.


Rena Lu McCoy

After Rena McCoy and Northwest part,

She'll be the girl of a millionaires heart.


Sharon Elaine (Sherri) McCreary

Now Sharon McCreary still loves her hair,

But when in the mirror she'll stop to stare,

She will soon become quite appalled

To find herself handsome~ bald.


Karen Lynn McCullough

If Karen McCullough doesn't quit her flirtin,

One thing will be for certain:

When she decides to quit her play,

All of her friends will be gone away.


Sherry Kay McCutcheon

The future bodes fair for Sherry McCutcheon;

She'll add more stars to her family escutcheon.


Linda Lousie McEver

Success will follow our Linda McEver;

As a Phillips grad, she'll be an achiever.


Patrick Mark (Mark) McGee

We can foretell that Mark McGee

Will be voted "Mr. Masculinity."


Janice Kathleem McGinty

Janie McGinty, she's quite a gal,

Doesn't know a strike from a foul.


Michael S. McNatt

If Mike McNatt doesn't quit electricity,

He will shock all of humanity.


Hugh Fredrick (Fred) McNutt

Fred McNutt will have many science degrees,

For he likes to watch the birds and the bees.


Johnny Lee McWethy

In business Johnny McWethy will be a sensation,

And he'll keep toe-dancing as an avocation.


G. Michael (Mike) Meador

Mike Meador--you probably know him--

Milo Nately is his pseudonym;

Steadfast in trouble when a friends in need;

To law enforcement, he'll pay no heed.


Charles Merl Meadows

Some girls call him snowman;

I've often wondered why.

Charles Meadows could melt an iceberg,

And that isn't any lie.


Carolyn Meek

As a teacher will shine doll Carolyn Meek ;

To her pupils the "three R’s" will not be Greek .


Thomas Howard (Tommy) Melton

"Turtle" Melton will run for the r,3st of his life

So that he won't be caught by a wife;

But the minute that he stops to "scoff,"

He'll be caught by Wilma Rudolph.


Joseph Michael (Joe) Millar

How could anyone go very far

With a personality like Joe Millar?


Ann Emily Miller

Ann Miller is soon to see

Italy from a pair of skis.


Joyce Yvonne Miller

Joyce "Miller" will surely be

A "flour" girl for NBC.


Lee Oliver Miller

Tomorrow's top scientist, Lee Miller, will be;

In the laboratory he'll make history.


Mary Lou Miller

Dental assistant will be Mary Lou Miller ,

Lending a hand to a cavity filler.


De Anne (De) Miner

An artist's career awaits gifted De Miner;

Her ads will reveal that there could be none finer.


Linda Gay Mock

And now we see Miss Linda Mock

Pulling the boats into the dock.


Betty Sue Montgomery

Betty Sue Montgomery, with hair so blonde,

Will marry a fellow of whom she's quite fond.


Paula Sue Mooney

Paula Mooney will really rate

With all the guys at Oklahoma State.


James Richard (Jim) Morgan

Jim Morgan with his waving arms

Will one day give a band all his charms.


Gerald Lee Murphy

Gerald Murphy will quit driving cars

So Northwest can thank their lucky stars.


Philip Norman (Phil) Murphy

Phil Murphy will go real far,

That is, in his little foreign car.


Charles William (Chuck) Musson

A baseball player Chuck Musson will be

Without Davis and all his "helping".


Patrick Lucille (Pat) Myrick

Pat Myrick, as you see,

Is now a doctor of psychology .


William Eugene (Gene) Nance

William E. Nance in the marines will be,

As tough a guy as you'll ever see.


Carolyn Sue Neal

Carol Neal with a heart of gold

Will get a medal for being so bold.

Carolyn Neal, with red hair and brains to boot

Will be an executive's secretary and steal all his loot.


Harold Leroy (Leroy) Nelson

Leroy Nelson around cars will be found,

Leaving rubber all over the ground.


Melanie June Nelson

Melanie Nelson, because of hard work and personal strife,

Will succeed in all that she does in her life.


Kenneth Louie (Ken) Newman

Kenny Newman, though Humptys he quit,

Will go to producing vegetables yet.


Sandra Kay (Sandy) Nigh

With Sandy Nigh, our girl athlete,

The boys will find it hard to compete.


Vickie Lynne Norick

A Mayor or judge, Vickie Norick will be,

And which it is, we'll all wait to see.


Deborah Kay Notley

Deborah Notley will make a good wife ,

And keep a man happy for all of his life.


James P Nunn

James Nunn is quiet, competent, and shy

But on his wife's salary he will rely.


Joseph Norman (Joe) Ownbey

Joe Owenqy-with talents so clear

That the art critics say he'll fall on his ear


Larry Eugene Palmer

Wrestling is Larry Palmer's claim to fame;

Longview, Texas will never be the same.


Donald Austin Park

For Don Park, it is plain to see,

That those blonds better watch out at Kansas Uni.


Carolyn Kay Pate

Carolyn Pate will watch on T.V.,

Cause the next Betty Crocker is who she'll be.


Charles Daniel (Danny) Payne

When asked by his worrying wife:

"Dear, what's all that commotion?"

Chemist Danny Payne will answer,

"1t’s just another explosion!"


Otis James (Jim) Pearson

Although Jim Pearson. wants to. study the law,

Will he stay on the right side of it all?


Jerry W. Peek

Jerry Peek with his Laser, coherent radiation

He'll light up the specter and aid communication.


Jerry Ray Penland

Jerry Penland an architect will be

If he can ever stay away from watching T.V.


Richard McBee Perry

Someday Richard Perry his friends agree

Will trip over the net and skin his knee.


Connie Jane Phillips

Connie Phillips will be a wife

And live a very happy life.


Jamse Gregory (Jim) Phillips

Jim Phillips will go to Central State;

Lets hope he stays there till a later date.


Susan Pauline (Susie) Pickett

Susie Pickett, with her telephone voice,

Will surely be a gentleman's choice.


John Charles (Charles) Pierce

Charles Pierce a fierce dentist will be.

You won't have to pay; he'll knock then out free.


Janelle K. Pollock

Janelle Pollock's future is easy to see

It's the wife of Owen that she will be.


JoReese Jean Poteet

Cute little JaReesa Poteet will really rate;

A successful life will be her fate.


Richard Lee Pounds

Richard Pounds, Dick as he is known

Graduated first semester, and with weights he has grown.


Karl William Power, III

Karl Power a mechanic will never make

Unless he learns the difference between the exhaust and intake.


Mary LeAnn (LeAnn) Quillin

A tall, slender blond -that's LeAnn Quillin;

To marry with her all the boys will be willin' .


Phyllis Rahill

Pyllis Rahill will have no trouble catching her beau,

If she keeps practicing her judo.


Sharon Renee' (Sherry) Railey

A sweet little wife Sherry Railey will make,

Washing dishes and baking cakes.


Chris Teaque Randall

Chris Randall may be a wreck

After one year at Georgia Tech.


Joseph Wayne (Joe) Rankin, Jr.

Joe Rankin, in fast little cars,

Will find himself puffing big, black cigars.


Toni Susan Raschke

To the campus of O.U. Toni Raschke will trek--

Along with having a ball, receiving her degree in Home Ec.


Stanley Craig Rathjen

Stan Rathjen is a swimmer indeed,

And a winner he’s sure to be .


Marsha Ann Ray

Marsha Ray will be a complete success,

Although her math class may be a mess.


Carol Jean Reinke

For her instrument we hope Carol Reinke can find the time;

As we all know who is very musical inclined.


Richard L. Reyna

Richard Reyna will untiringly chase

Success in life till the end of the race.


Beverly Reynolds

With her sweet smile and many brains,

We know Beverly Reynolds won't end up conducting trains.


Lynne Ellen Reynolds

For newspapers Lynne Reynolds can really write ,

And her lively expressions will never become trite.


Larry Armando Rhodes

Larry Rhodes is a favorite of the fans,

And by his friends is called "Little Man".


Robert Alan (Bobby) Rice

Bobby Rice, in his little red car,

With luck and gas will go afar.


Perry Kent Rice

Can you imagine good old Perry

Hard at work in a Wisconsin dairy?


David Wayne Ricker

Although David Ricker is seemingly quiet,

His future life could end up a riot.


Joyce Annette Ridgeway

Joyce Ridgeway, quiet .and shy,

v/ill make a mighty good wife for some nice guy .


Kristin Irene (Kris) Riebel

Kris Riebel many a laugh will arouse

When she goes to O.S.U. to be with the cows;

She will succeed, we know, in all she does,

Especially in her many loves.


Robert Leslie Roark

He made us a president well never forget,

Though his future we know is still unset.

You can bet Robert Roark will always go far,

Even though it may be to the very first bar.


Linda Robertson

We surely hope Linda Robertson achieves the life for which she dreams;

For if she does, she will have a free that truly gleams.


Thomas E. (Tommy) Roche

Tommy Roche is no tenor

But will always end up a winner.


Michael Vernice (Mike) Rodgers

Mike Rodgers will master a special touch

For one of his favorites, parked cars and such.


James Leroy (Jim) Rogers

Jim Rogers, no remnant of the Spanish Inquisition,

Will take a party on an African hunting expedition.


Rebecca Kay (Becky) Rollow

We wish we could be in Becky Rollow's future Family Relations class;

We have no doubt that it will be a blast.


Linda Kay Romerman

A summer in Europe for Linda Rommerman is in store,

And her future may lead her to the Capitol's door.


Carol Jean Roso

In college Carol Roso will be a success;

And as to her man, she leaves us no guess.


Luretta Jan Rosser

A Sweet little girl is Luretta Rosser,

But we're sure no one ever will boss her.


Harlene Lynn Rosson

Harlene Rosson never seems interested in toys,

For she much prefers to capture the boys.


Clady Joseph (Joe) Royer. III

Joe Royer perhaps may retire

After years of delivering "flowers by wire."


Vickie Ann Rucker

To Vicki Rucker, the camera bug,

We wish a home and a nice warm rug.


David Lee Rudolph

David Rudolph, we can see it now,

Feeding the horses and milking the cows.


John Murray Rupp

John Rupp, with his talent for speaking,

Will have no trouble in the future he's seeking.


Diane Elaine Russell

One thing we know about cute Diane Russell:

She’s much too modern to wear a bustle.


Larry Vance Russell

Larry Russell isn't concerned with values monetary;

He's gonna be the "Top Man" in a monastery.


Jay Dale Rutland

Jay Rutland, playboy of the western world

In his trusty convertible, with a girl.


Donald Fredrick Ryan

Remember our old friend, Don Ryan?

That's he in the future, just sellin' and buyin'


Anita Grace Ryland

Falling down porches and tripping over rocks

Will give Anita "Grace" Ryland some awfully hard knocks.


James Kelly (Kelly) Schmidt

It'll be a. jersey that Kelly Schmidt wears;

He'll be playing tackle for the Chicago Bears.


Terry Alan Seba

Medical research will be the career of Dr. Terry Seba;

Shy little Terry will give up girls to study the amoeba.


Danny M. Shirley

Danny Shirley, we will bet,

Will be playing for the Mets.


Margaret Mary Shultz

Margaret Shultz, later in life your forceful words will ring clear;

And everyone you know will hold your friendship dear .

Make yours a rich and happy life ;

May you never know any grief or strife.


Steve Lee Simmons

"This bourbon will put hair on my head,"

Said Steve Simmons, who'd rather be red than dead.


Richard R. (Ricky) Simon

When we will read the sport page,

And see the name of Rick Simon,

It'll be for his exploits

As a great college gridman


Ronda Jeanne Simonin

You won't find Ronda Simonin just sitting in class;

She's the outdoor type--always out in the grass.


Jackie Lynne Simonson

For Jackie Simonson we all have hope;

That is, if she and Randy don't elope.


Barbara Ann Skaggs

Barbara Skaggs we know you '11 go far

When as a model you’ll be a star.

At OSU you fill add much,

And NWC'll miss your unique touch.


Linda Louise Small

Linda Small is small in name only,

Cause with her big heart she'll never be lonely.


John Edward Smith

John E. Smith will. never be outdone

For makin' donuts in a hot-rod Falcon.


Margie Ann Smith

Margie Ann Smith is all ready for fun;

But nothing she does will ever be shunned.


Judith Ann (Judy) Sneed

Judy Sneed, NWC is here to stay;

But next year you will be gone away.

Your high school days will be only a story

When you arrive at your college glory.


Wayne Allen Snipes

And then there will be Wayne Snipes

Who'll spend all his time carving pipes.


Richard Harold Soard

A preacher will be reformed Richard Soard,

Singing hymns and praising the Lord.


Cheryl Louise Sommerfrucht

Cheryl Sommerfrucht, the little girls will all adore

The Brownie leader who makes brownies by the score.


William Dale (Dale) Stallings

If Dale Stallings is the guy

Who drives a Greyhound bus" I'll fly.


Carol Jeane Stammer

Carol Stammer, what a dumb blonde is she;

She'll spend her college years getting a MRS degree.


Charles Robert (Bob) Steves

We predict that our Bob Steves ~

Will be a principal: NWC's!

Compulsory hand-holding in the hall

With "Ringo" Steves; the kids’ll have a ball!


Paula Roi Straley

We’ll bet Paula Straley will be a gay, young socialite;

She'll be seen in swank cafes waiting tables every night.


Davidene Pearl (Deanie) Stuart

Deanie Stuart has shown such missionary zeal

Among the natives she'll be a big wheel.


Lloyd L. Swineford

Lloyd Swineford, a suave gambler will be,

Forever known as NWC’s Diamond Jim Brady.


Janice Kay Tate

Using psychology on Jan Tate

Mike Traska will control her fate.


Michael Alan (Mike) Tate

Mike Tate will take more math!

Is that where he'll take out his wrath?


John Beville Tatum

A little more singing, a little less yelling

Will keep noble John Tatum from being so boring.


Gordon Eugene Taylor, Jr.

By National Merit~ at his rate"

Gordon Taylor should control his fate.


Richard Edward Taylor

We can see brave Dick Taylor

Becoming an American sailor.


Ross Teague

You needn't worry if Ross Teague is your doctor;

He's no sicker than you are!


Nicholas Dwright (Nick) Tennis

Florida is the place

Nick Tennis plans to face.


Rebecca Ann (Becky) Thaler

Becky Thaler's quite a lass;

Lots of poise and charm she has.

A kind sweet girl with looks to boot;

In the future she'll make some loot.


Jack Alan Thomas

We foresee poor Jack Thomas who snows in the hall

All melted and broken when he falls off the wall.


Warren Jere Thomas, Jr.

Warren Thomas sure stands tall;

Better watch him, he may fall


Diane Paris Thompson

Diane "Paris" Thompson will indeed be in France,

And we know she'll succeed if she learns how to dance.


James Neal Thompson, Jr.

With his brains and cool disposition

The future is open for our Jim Thompson


Susan Collins Thompson

For Susan Thompson a life of grace;

We hope she won't fall flat on her face.


Roger Kelly Thurman

We predict Roger Thurman will surely succeed

As a "packer ignoble" at Humpty Dumpty number 3.


Donajo Felicia Tonti

Donajo Tonti--a beautician she'll be;

She'll set the world spinning above the sea..


Paula Kathleen (Kathy) Torbett

Kathy Torbett is a real great girl

She'll really give those boys at OSU a whirl.


Charles Thomas (Tom) Townley

Townley will toy with engineering,

Then to history when the end is nearing.


James Paul (Jim) Troxel

Jim Troxel is so versatile

The globe he'll really set a-whirl.


Mary Elizabeth True

A great gal at Northwest is Mary True.

In pursuing her life's ambitions, we know she'll come through.


Ronnie Alton Truitt

Ronnie Truett, as far as we can see ,

Married to Kanda, he will someday be.


Janis Marie (Jan) Turner

Jan Turner is so cheery

Her life will never be weary.


Donna Lynn Vaden

A sweet old-fashioned maiden

Will always be our Donna Vaden


Michael Lee (Mike) Valentine

Mike Valentine the girls will pursue

When he hits the campus at 0. U.


Myrna JoAn Van Meter

What will she do, Miss Van Meter?

What else but be a meter reader?


Lois Jean Van Wyngarden

In the future Lois VanWyngarden

Will be a consultant for Elizabeth Arden?


Joe Vaughn

Joe Vaughan, the player of the drum,

Will never wind up playing a bum.


Jeanette Fern Voorhies

Jeanette Voorhies can't imagine a better career

Than to be a good wife with a husband near.


Richard Eugene Vrooman

In four years Richard Vroomman will be set

To gain his recognition, don't you bet?


Patricia Sue (Pat) Wade

Miss Pat Wade" who's quiet but cool"

Will be number one at O.S.U.


Barbara Ann Walk

Barbara Walk won't have to foot it far

Because surely somebody will pick her up in a car.


Ardis Ann Walker

Ann Walker we hope to see teaching

Helping young minds their goals to be reaching.


Donald Evans (Don) Wallis

Full of talent and life is he,

Don Wallis is "neat" as all can see;

When one day he settles down in a warm abode

He'll have a good wife to help share the load.


Carla Lousie Way

A singer of songs will be Carla Way;

She’s got quite a voice, and that ain't hay!


Jerry Charles Way

He'll make a million, that Jerry Way

An auto mechanic -it’s the only way.


Sheryl Ann Webster

Sheryl Webster will surely be

The author of a dictionary.


Janet Elizabeth Wege

Gossip and cutting words are syl1onymous with Janet Wege,

And because of this we will send her to the Islands of Fiji.


Leona Michele (Michele) Wells

Happiness for Michele Wells

Is what her future certainly tells.


John Robert White

John White's a knight who's brave and bold;

He's always fought hard for the purple and gold.

He'll go quite far--let's all agree--

A successful person you will see!


Sharon Ann Whittaker

Sharon Whittaker’s on the beam,

And she's there with lots of steam.


Paul Wayne Wilkes

Brains and brawn, that's what it takes

To be a football pro that really rates.

Paul Wilkes will be just that--

To you, "Big Paul," we tip our hats.


Charles William (Bill) Willett, Jr.

A friendly guy and full of jokes ,

He brings great laughs to many folks;

To Bill Willet we wish the best, and

In future life to have much success.


Linda Kay Williams

Linda Williams , in the future we foresee ,

A career for you in helping somebody.


Susan Byford Williams

Many are the days

Susan Williams plans to laze.


Judith Diane (Judy) Willingham

Dental hygienist will be Judy;

Mrs. Willingham has done her duty.


Sharon Ann Wilson

A fantastic twirler Sharon Wilson will be

If no more of Don McNeil does she see .


Sharon Kay Wininger

Sharon Wininger's future holds hope;

At least with psychology she won't be a dope.


Pamela Kay (Pam) Wood

As long as Pam Woods coos

Someone will always lose.


Patricia Lynn (Patty) Woodward

Patty Woodward, who finds it hard in psychology

Will succeed in life, though a little spasmodically


Janice Marie Woolley

Many days have passed this year;

Janice Woolley had better get in high gear.


Barbara Jean Worthing

A mechanic Barbara Worthing will never be ;

Her tires are always flat at NWC.


Molly Jane Woska

For dear Molly we foresee

A Woska full of gaiety.


Fredrick Ellsworth (Freddie) Yaeger

Freddie Yeager will surely go far;

Maybe he will be a star.


Jana Lynn Young

Although Jana Young plans to teach Business Ed.

Perhaps some day to Mike she may be wed.


Jay Dee Young

Jay Young will make a name

As a hunter of two-legged game.


Steve Young

Steve Young will untiringly chase

Some blond till the end of the race.


Davis Calvin Zoltner

David Zoltner goes for those younger girls;

Suppose he'll give the college girls whirls?

With Robin's ability to draw,

He’ll never be caught with a saw.