The following classmates are With Us in Spirit.  Yearbook photographs are available by clicking the name.  No classmate passes without a thought and a prayer from their oldest friends.  110 of our classmates are no longer with us.  There may be others that we don't know about.

Jim Ahtone

Stanley Almgren

Julie Armstrong

Larry Bailey

Judy Barkett

Jim Barnard

Linda Bell

Ernie Bierman

Toni Binkley

Jane Boxberger

Kathy Bray

Jim Britton

Kathryn Buckley

Judy Caldwell

Janice Cannon

Clay Carroll

Mike Charleston

Sally Coleman

Karen Crumby

Bill Curtis

Robbie Davidson

John Dellitt

Ricky Dugger

Donald Duncan

Margaret Duncan

DeWayne Elliott

Buddy Fields

Larry Fishel

Mike Foster

Keith Franklin

Michael Fulton

Rod Gaddy

Suzanne Gilbert

Jack Givens

Sharon Green

Pat Greer

Carol Hansen

Rex Hefley

Alice Hiniker

Charles Hinson

Nina Hinton

Diane Hogan

Dona Hollingsworth

Connie Homsey

Sherrie Hopkins

Gary Howard

Laird Hull

Kent Humpreys

Linda Hunter

Linda Johnston

Fred Jolliff

Janet Jones

Ronald Jones

Tom Kelly

Roger Kise

Ruth Kurlander

Dennis Kyle

Richard Langston

Jane Lawson

Tony Leonhard

Louis Loeffler

Mary Long

Jon Lytle

Katherine MacKenzie

Gerry Maguire

Janet Malone

James Marr

Barbara Martin

Harley Matthews

Karen McCullough

Carla Mogg

Tommy Melton

Connie Milligan

George Morris

Terrye Newkirk

Charlotte Obermann

Jerry Peek

Suzi Phillips

Leigh Ponder

Richard Prentice

Chris Randall

Marsha Ray

Clarence Reese

Mike Rodgers

Linda Rommerman

Luretta Rosser

Larry Russell

La Sheila Schiel

Kelly Schmidt

Gary Sharpley

Jim Sjodin

Gilbert Skeen

Kay Smith

Wayne Snipes

Barbara Spybuck

Phil Stack

Carol Stammer

Robert Stone

Paula Straley

Lloyd Swineford

Gordon Taylor, Jr.

Ross Teague

Mike Traska

Jim Warren

Dean Wertz

Gary Williams

Jay Young

Michele Wells

Wayne Wallace